Stand UP for Your Transformation, My Friend

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Stand UP for your transformation, my friend. 

Many times in the more than 10 excruciating years of my life I wanted to shirk. What a minute? I DID shirk! I didn't just sit down, I laid out completely, believing myself paralyzed by my circumstances. I had a bed by a window & I would roll from one side to the other all day, crying, moaning & pleading regarding the devastation all around me. And within...

I felt things were hopeless. 
I wondered why trauma kept happening to me.

I was angry & became vindictive.
I was filled with blame regarding what "he did" or what ''she said" or what "happened. "
I entertained vivid thoughts of suicide. 

Then one day, I accepted a gentle prod from my Daddy to do something I loved. When I couldn't remember what brought me pleasure, he urged me to GO FIND IT. So I did. I took one action step & rediscovered my love of running. 

As I threw myself into running DAILY, I began the process of loving myself, courageously "seeing" myself, OWNING my shit, accepting my own hand in my circumstances and forgiving myself for everything I'd done to bring about the worst calamity most say they've ever seen... THAT'S when I began to step up into the beautiful life before me today. And, yes, it's incredibly beautiful! It's more than the wildest dream I ever envisioned. And I dream BIG, my friend... My daddy stood for my transformation in a way that brought me life! When I could, I then stood for my own. Even before I could see it. I took ownership for all my mess. I stopped blaming others. I took back my power & then forgave me for all the mistakes. Today I urge you to stand for YOUR transformation. It's happening right now. Right in this ugly, painful moment. Right now today. Whether you can see it, or not.


Stand. Knowing. Trusting. Believing... Take one action step today. Then two tomorrow. Stay in motion! Soon you'll be running. You'll look back amazed, just as I do. Stand... I am courageously standing for my own victory thru this situation. I will empower myself in each moment. 

Please know that I stand for your transformation today. #youcandothis 💪🏿#IfICanYouCan

In Quintessence...
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