Find Your Way Back to LOVE

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May I share with you today from my heart, my friend? 

Do all it takes to make your way back. Since your beautiful spirit was created to dwell in unabashed, unadulerated, glorious LOVE... find your way back. No matter what it takes. 

No matter. No matter. No matter what... NO MATTER WHAT, MY FRIEND. 

What I say to you, I say in LOVE. From a heart finally healed. One that's finally strong... Not too too long ago, it looked like I was finished. I'd lost it all. EVERYTHING. Marriage. Career. Income. Home. Investments. Children. Friends. Vision. Energy. Meaning... Joy.

I had to fight to find the will to look up, to see beyond my circumstances, to truly live. I had to fight to find what I believed in since the ME I thought I knew was no longer the ME that existed. Does this make any sense to you? 
I know it's hard. I know it seems impossible. I know it, believe me, I know. BUT YOU CAN DO IT. Your heart actually knows the way. Find a way to get out of its way. #YouCanDoThis #IfICanYouCan #FIGHT #getbacktolove
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