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Make sure you set your thoughts HIGHER, my friend! 

GOD has blessed us with an exciting, incredible journey that we call life! Every single moment HE gives us infinite opportunities for us to CREATE our reality in powerful ways. They say if you can think it, you can achieve it! 🏋

Many of us fail to realize that our minds hold thoughts and visuals that we focus on. We send these transmissions to the conscious and the unconscious components of our brains, where an immediate response occurs. Our thoughts begin a creation process! They combine with our emotions. Connecting our feelings into this powerful energy affects us, our bodies, our spirit, as well as other every other person around. As this energy resonates inside us, we naturally seek answers to how to bring our dreams true. This amazingly dislodges a force that appears as an opportunity. When we act on the opportunity, in harmony with how we think and feel, in that moment WE BRING OUR THOUGHTS INTO EXISTENCE. 💥

Knowing this, be more intentional today. Guard the thoughts and visuals you allow in your mind and the messages you entertain inside. Recognize this and say "I AM CONTINUALLY IN MOTION CREATING SOMETHING BIG!" Believe it and act like it! Only allow the incredible image you expect to create to form in your mind. Only listen to messages (internally and otherwise) that support your vision. 💪🏿 Whatever big dream you have... THINK BIGGER! Increase your expectation until it's larger than life itself. 

Dream in great detail. 
Remain excited, believing in your dream. 
Seek HOW. 
As opportunities manifest...
Then watch and be amazed, in gratitude! ...And I'm only talking from experience. 🙌🏾 Now, share how this has impacted you. Which step has your name written all over it? I'd love to hear your comments below! 💞

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In Quintessence...
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